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Process Manufacturing ERP Software in Kolkata, India

Sapience Process Manufacturing ERP gives you the benefit to get a detailed view of every aspect of your business operations. Sapience Business Services is a distinct name in developing Process Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India. It has been designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing environment of the manufacturing units. Sapience Wires & Cables Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India enables you to keep your investments lower and while delivering benefits in terms of cost, processes and growth in ROI. Sapience Process has succesfully implemented Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India, Textile Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India, Apparel Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India, Cable Manufacturing ERP in India, Textile Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India, Garments Manufacturing ERP in Kolkata, India.

Simplified Process Control

  Dynamic estimation of raw material consumption (item wise) and linked with actual production.

  Estimation of all resources and costing accordingly to compare and analyze with actual production.

  Process wise raw material usage and comparison with estimation.

  Purchase history to avoid peak pricing and reduce procurement costs.

Simplified Purchase Operation

  Automatic PR creation from the Re-order level maintained in Item Master.

  Complete Purchase Management with purchase price variance and review.

Better Production Control & Inventory

  Complete Production Control for both situations i.e. make to order and make to stock.

  Production Scheduling and actual raw material usage while reducing wastage and improving effectiveness.

  Detailed Stock in, Stock Out and Stock issue with all dynamic situations.

Improve in Sales Management

  Auto reminders that you don’t miss out any enquiry.

  History of all quotations with pricing.

  Achieve greater sales and customer satisfaction with support, warranty tracking and after-sales-service.

Better Manpower Control

  Manpower control with task assignments and track productivity.

Excellent Finance Support

  Managing all transactions and inputs in terms of payment.

  Approvals and Reminders to make your most important department dynamic.

Other Benefits

  Identify dead products and eliminate loss making products from the inventory.

  Improved decision making and better ROI.

  Interactive dash-boards with graphical interface.

  Customizable reports for better decision making.

  Smooth and systematic structure to work in the organization.

There are other features and benefits.

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